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Advertisers / Ad networks

Our solution works!

We know that you may be somehow skeptical on working with CPM terms when it comes to advertise / promote your business / website / offers, however we guarantee that our solutions will work for you and you will achieve better performance than you received from your cost per click or even cost per action campaigns.

In order to make sure that you will be receiving traffic that will offer better results than CPC or CPA or any other type of bid system, we came up with a system that allows each and every advertiser / ad network to pinpoint the exact traffic that will convert the best for each individual campaign.

We offer the perfect advertising solution

Run of Network campaigns

These campaigns run on all of the websites that match the filters you impose, such as : category filters or geotargeting. You can manually block any domain that you do not consider fit for your campaign anytime you want, and also free of cost.

Website oriented campaigns

Website oriented campaigns allow you to advertise only on specific websites of your choice. You can also place a geotargeting filter on the traffic that you will be receiving in order to pinpoint the incoming traffic based on your needs.

Advertiser account vs. Ad network account

Choose what suites you best. Either way we guarantee your success!

  • No serving fees
  • Refundable account balance
  • Run of Network campaigns
  • Website oriented campaigns
  • Image banner campaigns
  • 3rd party code campaigns
  • Account based reports
  • Campaign based reports
  • Domain list ( list of domains )
  • Detailed traffic info ( list of domains )
  • Minimum amount for deposits via PayPal
  • Minimum amount for deposits via Wire transfer
  • ADEXM deposit fee

Advertiser 1.5%

Sign up
  • $10.00 USD
  • $500.00 USD
  • $0.50 USD + 1.5% of deposit amount

Choosing us is the right choice

ADEXM has an experienced team of more than 80 agents that constantly work on verifying the provenience of the traffic we receive from our publishers in order to block any unwanted / bot traffic. Our efforts to offer you the best converting traffic don't allow us to take any breaks, therefor you must know that our team is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and no, this is not just some statement, we really do that. The only departments that work on the schedule presented within the contact section of our website are the Financial and Customer Support departments.

If this wasn't enough we only accept well established websites. This means that we only accept top level domains, no subdomains, website creator services, toolbar, incentive, or any other source that may contain traffic that may not convert.

We reinvent the way that CPM campaigns work. With ADEXM the old advertise and see what happens transforms to guaranteed return of investment plus profit.